Street Style: St. Honore

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize that Colette is the coolest daytime address in Paris. Seriously now. Stop by around closing time and check out the crowd. The kids who hang out here represent a range of styles, but they all wear their clothes with bravery. Perhaps this is the place to spot trends before they actually trend. The shop itself is pretty brilliant- (think designer Urban Outfitters) with a fun clubby vibe and great music and book selections to browse.

One afternoon I loafed around with the cool kids... here is a glimpse.


  1. the girl behind the lady second picture from the bottom Grimes? If not...TOTAL look alike

    1. Its funny that you should mention that- because everyone was congratulating her on her performance as she walked out of colette... and I had no idea who she was. so yeah- now we know.

    2. That's crazy! She's huge. And awesome. And a little scary...miss you!! Come do a Memphis fashion shoot... Grit and grind


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