Those of us who collaborate on the Culture Keeper blog:

Jonathan Randall Grant

This stylist/painter loves collaborating and encouraging creativity in others. Currently obsessed with adventure, fashion, swimming and the French new wave. Grant is the editor of Culture Keeper.

Current Location: Chicago

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Michael Newsted

Photographer, Musician, Ground-Breaker

Current Location: Traveling

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Jill Devries

Photographer, Stylish Lass, Traveler

Current Location: Grand Rapids

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Megan Gilger

Blogger, Lifestyle Artist, Motivator

Current Location: New York

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Marlee Grace

Dancer, Innovator, Miscreant

Current Location: Grand Rapids


Zach Stone

Anglophile, Graduate-student, Explorer

Current Location: Charlottesville

Blog // Published

Kelley Jordan Heneveld

Photographer, Farm-Enthusiast

Current Location: The French Countryside

Farm Stories // Site

Jane Mow

Stylist & Fashion Designer with an ever expanding portfolio in television, editorial, runway, advertising & most recently weddings. Avid collector of all things fashion especially French Vogue Publications. 

Current location: Auckland, New Zealand (not for long)

Ricky Cohete

Photographer // Dreamer // The happiest person you'll meet

Current Location: Miami

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Francophone, Adventuress, Native Kentuck-ian

Current Location: Washington D. C.


Shea Petaja

Has yet to define herself in 3 words

Current Location: Old Mission

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John Hanson

John Hanson is a Michigan based film photographer exploring the bounties of life, culture and place. Working within communities of visual artists and musicians and traveling extensively, Johns images paint a picture of our place in time and history as well as exploring the changing american landscape and society.

Current Location: Grand Rapids

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If you are interested in collaborating or contributing work to Culture Keeper, feel free to e-mail us at grant.of.mishawaka@gmail.com

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