The Photography of Rene Enriquez

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Currently loving the fashion photography of Rene Enriquez. His work feels fresh and fun. Rene is currently studying Art and Photography at the National School of Plastic Arts in Mexico. This creative lad is a fellow member of Independent Fashion Bloggers.

Check out his fantastic fashion blog: heARTbeat.


  1. In the 3rd picture, is the guy wearing blue tights under grey pants? Love the colour combination with the green shoes.

  2. From the Italian vanguard of that movement is a primary resource in the syntax of your image, the picture of Rene Enriquez throws us a distorted version of reality, the ability to hide the time, protect the ghosts we fear we attach to the movement. This rational feeling translates into the proper use of lighting. The light attracts people, excites, composes and transforms matter. The cult of the body to link it with the light as a symbol of subject imposes a gauzy, sporadic lighting. Contemporary art provides this flexibility, there is no style, only suggests the production of the same picture that goes behind the society of consumption, not aesthetics, but that in itself is interesting for its link with the advertising in the evolution of art.
    Aíf Banshee


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