Five Things I Love About Bryan + Mae

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bryan + Mae are the duo responsible for much of the brilliant photography featured on Culture Keeper. You may perhaps recall their shoot with Ben Biondo a few weeks back. Meanwhile... We reflect on what conspires to make Bryan + Mae so amazing:

+ Teamwork
Bryan and Mae are a solid team. Husband and Wife, Photographer and Photographess, Editor and Businesswoman. These kids have their game honed and it really works for them. I know other teams- but Bryan and Mae are by far the most agile and well-connected. They do a lot of wedding photography and their teamwork in that setting is legendary.

+ Aesthetic Commitment
Bryan and Mae know who they are visually. they have a very solid style that is at once candid and raw- but also gentle and realistic. They have the ability to capture the beauty and glances and wisps and moments. I am often taken aback by their images. They know their style and they dwell within it in a comfortable, flexible way.+ Rockin'
Bryan and Mae have created themselves. They have painstakingly crafted their own image and worked their fingers to the shutter-clicking-bone building their own photography business. That is super-encouraging. It is a great example to see what kind of drive and determination it takes to make your dreams work- and to see that it is in fact possible.

+ People, People
Bryan and Mae love people. they gather sweet, beautiful, and creative people around them and send out some major good vibes. Times with them are spent also with new friends, good music, good cider and plenty of exploration. Bryan once suggested having at least one mini-adventure every day- which is perhaps some of the best advice I have ever received. Mae once read Michael Newsted and I a story so beautiful it made me cry. They are amazing people.

+ Integrity
Bryan and Mae are vegans- and before you get the impression that they are like those other judgemental/preachy kind of vegans let me set the record straight. Bryan and Mae are gentle educators- they quietly live out their beliefs in a holistic way- from the way they worship down to the shoes they buy and the food they eat. There is a sacred unity in the details of their life and work. To cook with them is to have your imagination opened to the possibilities of what food can become. Cooking becomes a measured, beautiful act.

Check out their Photo-Blog here.
(Photo Credits: Bryan + Mae, Bobbi +Mike, Michael Newsted )


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