Introducing: Tyler Grant

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tyler Grant reads the Culture Keeper blog every day. He has an knack for creating chandeliers out of junk he finds. He paints, writes poetry, and has an amazing singing voice. Seriously. Tyler also has great style. He peruses the thrift stores in and around his Portland, Oregon home for finds that continue to impress me. Tyler's creativity and vision will be featured in a few upcoming posts so stay tuned.


  1. Hey, I know him! lol.
    I read your blog *almost everyday, trying to grasp a concept of "fashion". Slowly, steadily, I hope to turn my quick & tasteless appearance into confident art.

  2. @Susie Yoder, you are fantastic! we cannot wait to see your transformation! keep on searching for your unique style and don't stop until you find it! :)


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